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CranioSacral Therapy Brussels

somato-emotional counseling

Thérapie CranioSacrée Bruxelles

accompagnement somato-émotionnel

CranioSacraal Therapie Brussel

somato-emotionele begeleiding


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holistic therapeutic counselling integrating several listening axes - somatic (body), energetic and emotional -, based on Craniosacral therapy, energy psychotherapy, work around archaic reflexes, ...

examples of reasons for consultation for individual coaching sessions:

in the adult

• headache and migraine

• stress and insomnia

• neck and back issues

• pelvic instability

• dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint and facial pains

• digestive issues

• respiratory problems and asthma

• rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis

• chronic fatigue, apathy and depression

• emotional and post-traumatic issues

• fibromyalgia

• ...

in babies and children

• birth trauma (cranial deformity and torticollis)

• weeping babies

• reflux and constipation - digestive disorders

• difficulties with breastfeeding

• agitation; apathy

• nocturnal enuresis

• motoric and coordination issues

• behavioral difficulties

• learning disabilities and concentration

• dyslexia and dyscalculia

• autistic syndromes

• ...