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CranioSacral Therapy Brussels

somato-emotional counseling

Thérapie CranioSacrée Bruxelles

accompagnement somato-émotionnel

CranioSacraal Therapie Brussel

somato-emotionele begeleiding

who am I?

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who am i?

After a few years of highlighting the external movement, including by lighting up dance performances, my attention shifted more on the movement itself.

The movement being life and life being movement.

Internal exploration has become inevitable.

Various trainings such as that of the CranioSacral Therapy, energy psychotherapy and Work on the integration of Archaic Reflexes have structured this essential research, as well as the teachings with Nathalie Delay and Eric Baret.

Nourished by this, I welcome you for a global therapeutic accompaniment that integrates several spaces of listening: somatic (body), energetic and emotional from which can emerge a well-being, a deep relaxation, a recognized clarity and a return to oneself .